Why the law?

Television has more options for lying. Human actions cannot be lied to.

The law does not save us from anything

People chose the law. You are not happy with the legislation today. There are many lawsuits in the world, all sorts of things and laws and whatever. We have been blaming ourselves since the beginning of humanity. History repeats itself. Human consciousness is still an ego. Until you learn about yourself. Jesus was the Anti-ego. He did not have his own church. He loved to share verbal kindness and teach about the positive sides. He helped people wake up. Influential politicians fear that Jesus would destroy the ego of all mankind. Those who drafted the law condemned him to crucifixion and interrupted his life. All because of the law. Politics sets the law. Law means being forced to teach the conscious ego. We have become slaves, money, bribery, greed, factory building, school system, child education law, hatred, politics, courts, state, war, destruction of living beings, punishment, anger, television, internet, depression, huge negative things. What was the first humanity and nature in the beginning and to this day. Humanity thinks blindly. From generation to generation getting worse. By law, we learn from childhood. We are determined by an ever-increasing law. It destroys us. Humanity is no more, just a body with a brain full of illusions, manipulations. You see the magic, you don't see the thin rope. Look closer, the rope is a manipulation. Exactly the same as your consciousness. Your subconscious mind suffers because of your ego consciousness. Nature is very beautiful, it gives us positivity, home, warmth, food. Man is not the owner of the land. Mother nature has no law, we learn from nature. Man would be free and live in harmony. Lots of travel without borders. The whole world man, animals and nature. We are all the same. Life teaches us, not forces us. If we want to be positive, we have to learn for ourselves. Man, what is he doing. See yourself as a natural television. If he made a negative mistake and corrected it the next time on the positive side. We need to understand every essence of the word and without the ego. He consciously thinks about what is good and what is not. Deepen your mind through the ego. You will slowly destroy your ego.


Nature has not made state borders and law. The EGO man made the state border and the law. Ego and law prevent us from learning positively.

The marriage group made us a human garden. We made a zoo. We learned from the law. We are spinning in a circle of ignorance.

The richer code is determined by law

We taught within the bounds of the law.

It’s nice to watch the zoo. You forgot to notice the fence.

We don’t know what is positive and what is negative.


Man has discovered a new land. He forcibly made people slaves, war broke out and took over the land. Bad law.

The one who invented the weapon, the Winchester rifle. They got huge dollars. With these rifles, the armies destroyed a huge number of human lives. Bad law.

Those who invented the atomic bomb and dropped it on earth interrupted human life. Bad law. 

The movie, the internet shows everyone violence and a lot of negativity. Bad law

Those who attacked in other territory. Bad law. 

A politician who manipulates our human lives. Manipulation is like a weapon. Bad law.

Film, the Internet shows violence and pornography to everyone.Bad law

What we watch and read listens to what is negative. Your consciousness accepts. He spreads the negative word like a disease.