Natural thought

interruption of life jesus
interruption of life jesus
deep sea 2
deep sea 2

Man, animal and nature are united, not the word “poverty”

You will find the answer to the smartest question "WHY".

Money instead of more knowledge in kind, the word “POVERTY” would not exist.

The source of evil is in man himself.

Jeh and Christ is our teacher.

First ignorance, then illusion, manipulation and ego.

Love on earth would be more spacious and would live in harmony and balance of this beautiful nature.

Each new word has its own power of manipulation.

Life without philosophy does not go.

Caution is the mother of wisdom.

Television is the most dangerous, it destroys your self-confidence and humanity.They prevent you from thinking for yourself.

The next ego then hates like blindness

First, slowly remove the ego, you will gain natural knowledge

To help or assist, one of the two is the ego.

The whole world is almost full of money except Mother Nature.

The marriage group made us a human garden. We made a zoo. We learned from the law. We are spinning in a circle of ignorance.

We should not take very few flowers, show love for nature.

No man is stupid because he does not know.

In today's world, the ego teaches us. We must not learn from mistakes in a positive way.

Everyone remembers countries according to the school teaching system. Instead, we would remember Jesus' example.

What is the difference: life teaches us and the law?


The human subconscious is pure, the human consciousness has been dirty since the beginning of humanity. Two different worlds. There is no satisfaction.

What you see in nature, animals, everything is beauty. What you see in the factory, huge materialism, huge cities, toxic waste ….. coming from human negativity is not natural.

The subconscious needs: everything that is natural, love, friendship, socialization, positive conversation, patience, forgiveness, freedom, wherever you go, knowledge of the world.

Let’s combine the subconscious and the consciousness of everything positive. The world will be more beautiful.